Working with Housing NZ

We are a provider to Housing New Zealand (HNZ), and over the last 17 years, we have provided many flexible and bespoke solutions.

We have successfully secured and managed 17 national contracts, all of which were with tenants occupying the homes. These contracts included a range of property condition assessments and installation of replacement smoke alarms where required. Each had a targeted programme delivery period and included testing of smoke alarms and hot water temperature.

We have consistently delivered projects in full and on time, meeting all service deliverables and achieved a futile rate of 3% or less.

We were selected as the preferred supplier to carry out 500 property warrant of fitness surveys as part of a trial to provide healthier and safer living environments. We worked collaboratively with HNZ on this trial to identify 48 criteria standards and assessment measurements that focused on properties being dry and insulated, safe and secure, and containing essential amenities. As part of this project, we created the survey form, prepared training documentation and carried out training of the surveyors. On completion of the trial, we provided a report on the results including the feasibility and proposed costs of doing the surveys, and recommendations for improvement to the WOF criteria.

We are currently carrying out Health & Safety Inspections for HNZ across the country. The purpose of this inspection is to assist HNZ in providing a “safe and healthy home that meets the requirements of the Corporations Policy with respect to security, provision of essential services and safety”. As part of these inspections, our surveyors test all smoke alarms on the property and replace or rectify on site where required.

Experience of House New Zealand Requirements

As a team we have attended many HNZ delivered training sessions, even assisting in writing some of the training materials used. We are fully aware of the obligations and do's and don'ts when carrying out work at both occupied and vacant properties. We have a deep understanding of the requirements of:

  • HNZ Standards of Integrity and Code of Conduct
  • Working with HNZ Tenants - Occupational Health & Safety
  • Compliance with Residential Tenancies Act
  • Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Installation and positioning of Smoke Alarms
  • HNZ Amenity Condition Manual - Maintenance Standards
  • HNZ Critical Risk Register. NZ TELARC registered AS/NZS 4801: 2001 (renewed December 2016).


Special Circumstances

PQS has demonstrated on a number of occasions our ability to respond promptly to HNZ’s urgent requests for other services, information, and reports. Some standout examples include:

Following the Canterbury Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, HNZ urgently needed to complete damage assessments on all properties in Christchurch. Within 24 hours we had dispatched a team of 10 assessors followed by a further 20 assessors 48 hours later. As it was recognised to be a unique situation with greater issues at stake, everyone responded on a good faith basis with no discussion of rates and remuneration.

In addition to completing these assessments, we produced the Damage Inspection Report that reported on health and safety status, services, flooding, major and minor structural damage, firewalls, and land damage. We also engaged external resources to provide HNZ with a software solution for receiving data promptly. We also took on the responsibility of coordinating and managing a team of over 60 (including HNZ staff and Sergon Consultants) to ensure efficiency and quality of results.

We also carried out earthquake assessments to targeted properties in Wellington following the earthquake in July 2013. This involved extensive photo documentation and other reporting daily.