Our Services

We specialise in: 

  • Design, Management and Implementation of Property Condition Assessment Systems – Rather than provide an “off the shelf” Asset Management System, PQS will work with a new client to develop a customised software solution to meet the client’s long-term asset planning needs including financial forecasts and work programmes
  • Whole of House Survey using a universal rating scale - involves a stocktake of the components of a dwelling and the condition of those components by space. Having high quality and sufficiently current information of the state of a housing portfolio is a significant enabler in making good asset management decisions
  • Completion of Health & Safety Inspections and Fire Protection Systems – reporting all urgent Health & Safety defects that require rectification with respect to security, provision of essential services and safety
  • Residential Warrant of Fitness – PQS was selected as the preferred supplier to carry out 500 rental warrant of fitness surveys as part of a trial to provide healthier and safer rental accommodation. This Rental Housing Warrant of Fitness Technical Advisory Group (the TAG) was established in 2013 and the surveys were carried out in 2014. We worked collaboratively with Housing New Zealand on this trial to identify 48 criteria standards and assessment measurements that focused on properties being dry and insulated, safe and secure, and containing essential amenities. As part of this project, we developed the survey form, prepared training documentation and carried out training of the surveyors. On completion of the trial, we provided a report on the results including the feasibility and proposed costs of doing the surveys, and recommendations on improvement to the WOF criteria
  • Data Quality - Quality practices form part of the PQS business model and have been deployed across all projects to provide a more statistically robust, consistent, and flexible quality management process.  This identifies potential anomalous data to be investigated and remedied.  Where required concerning data is replaced with good data from fresh capture.  The full audit trail holds relevant metadata including concerning data; new data; change dates, and change controller
  • Field Supervision and Audits - Our Quality Assurance Team carries out service delivery audits at 16-week intervals to ensure assessors are carrying out the contracts work consistently.  Any errors identified are discussed on site and corrective action taken to address any issues.  The Quality Assurance Team completes a formal audit report and feedback is provided by the assessor.


We bring:

  • Objectivity in recording and reporting
  • Specialisation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • A flexible, reliable workforce
  • Consistent, accurate and reliable methods and results.