Past Projects

Housing New Zealand Delivery History

The following is a summary of our service delivery to HNZ. These projects met or exceeded the contracted deliverables and were delivered in full and on time.

Health & Safety Inspections, 2015 - 2019

Completed Health & Safety Inspections and smoke alarm checks nationwide from August 2015. Effective from November 09, 2015 the scope of services to complete H&S Inspections remained unchanged but from February 01, 2016 the installation of new Fire Angel Smoke Alarm took effect. Our current contract continues until June 2019.

Health & Safety Priority Inspections, April to June 2015

Completed 1,732 Health & Safety Inspections at properties, which had infants or elderly residents, last inspected by HNZ more than 12 months prior.

HNZC Warrant of Fitness Survey Trial, 2014

Completed Warrant of Fitness Surveys for HNZ using a 48-point checklist. This trial involved assessing 500 properties across New Zealand as a representative sample of the HNZ portfolio of approximately 65,000 properties.

Asset Information Surveys, 2013

Completed 23,000 AIS surveys throughout New Zealand reporting on the condition and presence of amenities in dwellings using a condition grading system developed by HNZ based on best practice principles outlined in the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and the NAMS Asset Manual. This project was delivered over a seven-month period. HNZ advised that the entire delivery was trouble free, with no media issues or tenant complaints.

Health & Safety Inspections, 2010 - 2013

Provided a nationwide service to complete an annual Health & Safety programme on the entire HNZ portfolio including Health & Safety Inspection, Smoke Alarm Check and Fire Waiver Compliance Report.

Driveway Safety Assessments, 2013

Completed 12,759 Driveway Safety Surveys for HNZ that assessed the potential risks to young children. From this, we assisted HNZ to set priorities for work to eliminate risks.

APCAS Surveys, 2009 - 2012

Over three years we completed 69,000 APCAS surveys that recorded the presence of amenities at properties and assessed their condition and performance. This survey included identifying urgent health and safety and responsive maintenance items. We broke new ground by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read encoded paper surveys and provided these to HNZ in tabular electronic forms for storage, use and analysis. This technology was later used, to great effect, in the urgent Christchurch recovery work PQS undertook for HNZ.

Christchurch Earthquake, 2010 - 2012

Completed 6,000 property surveys beginning in September 2010. This work assessed the extent of damage and resultant levels of safety at HNZ properties. It included document development and production, establishing the OCR document scanning and reporting systems so that data could be delivered to HNZ within 24 hours of capture. After the February 2011 earthquake, we completed a further 638 surveys reporting on the condition of inter-tenancy firewalls.

PMAS Inspections - National Contract, 2002 - 2010

Provided a full 'turn key' service to HNZ for the annual Property Maintenance Assessments on 69,000 properties including Community Group Housing.

Other projects delivered for HNZ

  • Wellington Earthquake (2013): Completed assessment of 71 buildings and reported on their safety to occupy
  • Tamaki Project (2012-2013): Completed 410 property condition surveys
  • Wellington (2012): Mini Works condition surveys on Owen Street Flats
  • IPS Survey (2009): Property condition surveys on 6,000 HNZ properties
  • PMAS Inspections (2000-2002): 17,000 assessments throughout New Zealand
  • Dulux/HNZC Exterior Paint Assessments (1995-2012)
  • Dulux/HNZC Exterior Paint Ten Year Warranty Assessments (1995 -2012).¬†